Paramo Grid Classic (2014)

If you want a warm, clever and versatile top that doesn’t look too flashy, look no further than the Grid. It’s a relaxed fit, but it’s made with a thick, insulating fabric (almost like fleece) which is so comfy I was still wearing it as an outer layer in late autumn. The distinctive grid pattern of this Parameta G fabric helps seal in warmth but keeps the package breathable, while the cuffs and collar feel thicker and more insulating than the rest of the fabric, even if they are actually the same density. I subjected it to a downpour with just a soft shell over the top and it absorbed not a drop. The collar is tight when fully zipped up, but the top is so effective that most of the time it can run with the zip down a little anyway. The longer back keeps draughts out nicely. Too hot for midsummer comfort, but for every other time of year, superb.


Sizes: S-XXL

Weight: 234g

Fabric: Parameta G (100% polyester)

Washing needs: None, although Nikwax BaseWash is recommended Contact: 01892 78644