Keela ADS Long Sleeve (2014)


Keela gear is trusted by outdoor professionals, and on the strength of this product you can see why. The ADS wicking system, the zip neck (which has a glove-friendly pull and a draught flap behind it), robust but light – 212g (size M) – construction and sculpted fit give it the technical chops of products twice the price. 5/5


ADS stands for ‘Active Dispersal System’, which is similar to many wicking systems in that sweat vapour is sponged up then dispersed via the outer face. Keela claims ADS disperses sweat over a wider area, for faster evaporation and quicker drying. The fabric is very comfy, if a bit synthetic-feeling, and surprisingly warm. 5/5


The fit is shapely but looser than you would imagine, so choose your size carefully. The sleeves sit well pushed up the arms, but both sleeves and hem could be longer. 4/5

In use

In use, the Keela ADS Long Sleeve performs well, being neither too warm nor too cool, making it a versatile layer for all seasons. The wicking system works well, and doesn’t feel overly clammy around pressure points such as the rucksack. A longer hem length with a scooped rear would make it more versatile for activities such as scrambling and biking, and likewise the sleeves could be a bit longer to aid freedom of movement and prevent ‘riding up’. But these are minor gripes as broadly this is an excellent base layer for hillwalking. 4/5


The Keela ADS Long Sleeve is a British-brand base layer that should be on every quality-on-a-budget kit list. Top marks for both. 5/5


The Keela ADS Long Sleeve is among the best on features, durability and performance. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.6/5

Review by Simon Ingram

First published in Trail magazine October 2014