Karrimor Technical Top Zip (2014)


The Technical Top Zip is a very well-featured base layer from British brand Karrimor. You get flat seams, good stretch, high wicking action and light weight (191g, size M), which makes it good for summer. Factor in the zipped neck – rarely found on lower-priced products – and you have a bargain. 5/5


Distinctive (white inside, coloured outside) with a 100 per cent polyester wicking system made up of a pale, smooth-faced liner and a honeycomb outer, which draws sweat away from the skin and disperses the vapour. It has a fair degree of stretch and, while not the most durable-feeling, is comfortable. 3/5


Fit is surprisingly loose, and the stretch of the fabric is very billowy around the hem. This is great for ventilation but it feels like the type to get worse with age. 2/5

In use

The Karrimor Technical Top Zip is comfortable, but there are a few issues around finesse. There are some rough seams that chafe when putting on or taking off, or quickly moving the arms. The fabric wicks really well but does feel a bit clammy when it’s really hot and you’re sweating buckets, though no worse than some higher-priced options. Durability might be an issue too. But it feels purposeful, does its job well enough and should be more than adequate for a range of hill conditions. 3/5


RRP is £24, but Karrimor kit currently enjoys ‘permanent discount’ status on the company’s website, hence this extraordinary price. 5/5


The Karrimor Technical Top Zip has minor gripes, but is stunning value and has good brand cred. 3.6/5


Review by Simon Ingram

First published in Trail magazine October 2014