Country Walking April 2017: the wonders of walking

The amazing places it can take you (yes, you!) and the incredible things it can do for you along the way

Our wonderful country – a wonderful new you

In shops Thursday 30th March (with subscribers from 27th)

It might be the most spectacular and beautiful edition of Country Walking ever! Indeed how could it fail to be when it's dedicated to the wonders of walking? You won't be surprised to hear it's packed with incredible photography and features, but what might is how accessible these cinemascope vantage points are with our accompanying step-by-step walking guides. It's also the launch of our #walk500miles campaign – which challenges all-comers to change their life by walking 500 miles by the end of summer (or the end of the year). Thanks to our friends The Proclaimers not only is 500 miles the defining unit of awesome, but the required daily mileage takes you right to the scientifically-verified sweet-spot where the amazing health benefits start tumbling in like you've hit the jackpot on a feelgood fruit machine. The new issue could also pay you back in ££s thanks to automatically qualifying you for a 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor. Just present your tablet edition in store and watch the savings roll in. Enjoy!

• Special issue dedicated to 'The Wonders of Walking'

• Launch of #walk500miles, the even more accessible sequel to the record-breaking #walk1000miles challenge (25k+ participants)

• Your Progress Tracker's inside (it's also your entry ticket to competitions throughout the year)

• Exclusive 15% discount off all gear in every Cotswold Outdoor store on presentation of this issue only

• Free supplement: the Gear Test Yearbook

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