useful Apps to get you started

So, you’re up for the challenge of climbing Everest Anywhere … but how can the wizardry of technology help you on your way? Here are some apps which will help you reach great heights… But when navigating in mountain terrain, always remember to take a map and compass and have the skills to use them as phone can run out of battery or be affected by weather and altitude!

OS Maps

Of course, our official mapping partner OS Maps (free app; unlimited OS maps with subscription to Trail) is the perfect partner to Everest Anywhere. Trail subscribers can get free access to the fabulous route plotting, map printing and planning capabilities – which have desktop and mobile device functions to enable you to be creative in how you reach the heights of Everest, but also quickly and easily measure the ascent of any route. It’s an app that you’ll soon find you can’t live without when planning your hillwalking exploits. Unless you have unlimited data, just make sure that you save the maps using the offline maps feature before you head out. Always take a paper map too, as backup.


For your perfect hillwalking day, the weather is pretty important – whether you’re seeking out that perfect mountain view, or you crave the white stuff, there’s loads of great weather apps out there. While no weather forecasts are totally reliable, especially in the UK, and even more so in the mountains, the BBC Weather App is as good as it gets and it’s easy to use format lets you store up to 10 of your fave hill walking venues, so you can see at a glance what the weather is doing up to 10 days ahead. Unfortunately, Mountain Weather Info Service doesn’t have an app – so you’ll have to make do with saving the webpage to your favourites instead!

Post-hill refreshments

After a long day on the hill you will definitely need a good pub and maybe a place to rest your weary head. When exploring new places, Tripadvisor is a great way to see what’s around and what is rated top by ‘the people’! You can also find out handy tips before you arrive using the search facility to see what others have said about it, like whether they have a cosy open fire, allow kids or dogs, are muddy-boot friendly! You can then rate the places you visit yourself and help other intrepid explorers!

Locate my iPhone

Whether you have an iPhone or an android, there are apps available to find your phone – the idea is that if it gets stolen or you lose it, you can find it! But it also might work if you get lost! So make sure you show your nearest and dearest how to access it, always carry your phone with you and it could be a lifesaver. Emergency services even use it for when people go missing. Remember it does have to have battery life and access to mobile data to work, though – so always make sure someone knows where you are walking.


This popular app is a winner for runners and cyclists – but it’s also a great tool for measuring your walks – it measures distance, total ascent and routes. It’s free and it’s great for sharing on Social Media.

OS Locate

A free app is a compass and converts GPS location readings from your mobile phone to Ordnance Survey National Grid references, enabling you to determine precisely where you are on an Ordnance Survey map. It does not need mobile signal to work, so is great to use alongside your OS Maps, but make sure you also have a map and compass as a back-up.