Eye-wateringly bright reminders of that epic thing you're doing, going cheap (£0)!

Upload a pic of your free badge coupon from the May or June issue of Country Walking, or the cover of our July issue (which you can order with free delivery now) and we'll send you a badge completely free*!

They're potent motivation tools, great conversation starters and they make you feel part of a team. They're radioactive green, 100% circular, made of metal and if filled with Blu-tak ballast probably make amazing skimmers. Use the form below to upload your pic!

Oh, and don't forget, your badge qualifies you for 15% off everything at Cotswold Outdoor (excl. sale items) for the whole of 2017! With 80 stores across the country, it only takes one purchase to pay you back ££s! 

 * While (generous) stocks last. One badge per mag. No need to cut out the completed coupon before photographing it. Photocopies not acceptable. Images need to be under 3MB but that's pretty big. Please allow 28 days for delivery.