The Trail 100

Back in 2007 Trail compiled a list. The aim of this list was to bring together the top UK summits that every hill walker should aspire to reach.

The result was the Trail 100 - a tick-list of one hundred peaks that we think everyone should climb - not because they're high (although some are), or because they fall into some classification (although some do), but simply because we think they're all great for their own fantastic reason.

Well, luckily for us, the mountains of the UK haven't changed much since that list was put together and the top 100 UK peaks in 2007 are still the top 100 peaks today.

But why bother compiling the list at all? There are already plenty of lists for baggers to tackle - Wainwrights, Munros, Marilyns, Mables - ok, we made the Mables up. The point is that if you like to tick mountains off a list, you are already pretty well catered for.

The thing is, though, that for many would-be climbers these existing lists simply aren't achieveable. There are over 213 Wainwrights, 283 Munros and 1554 Marilyns. Given that Trail readers are spread all over the UK and that weekends are the only time many of you get in the hills, ticking all these off is a big ask. Besides, to complete any of these lists means walking some really uninspiring hills as well as the iconic ones - surely time spent anywhere uninspiring is time wasted?

By comparison, the Trail 100 is all killer, no filler - 100 solid gold peaks that make every step you take climbing them worth it. What's more, spreading the length and breadth of the UK, we think the Trail 100 is an achievable challenge which gives you a quintessential, broad experience of the UK's mountains, and as there are only 100 of them, you've a far better chance of getting 'em all in the bag.

You can read the original Trail 100 article online below, or download it to print out and keep along with the list of the 100 mountains for you to tick-off as you complete them.

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Click to download article

Now you've got the information, it's over to you! Get out, get climbing and get ticking! Plus, if there are any mountains you feel we've missed, be sure to comment below.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!