how #walk1000miles works (it's probably simpler than you think!)

1. you walk

You can choose to record all your steps or just walks you wouldn't otherwise have done – whatever suits your level of fitness and ambition. You need to average 2.74 miles per day whatever method you decide on.

2. You talk

#walk1000miles has the best Facebook group in the world! You can get ideas, help, make friends, share your walks, arrange meet-ups or just shoot the breeze.

3. You record

You can use your activity tracker, GPS-based app on your phone, by map-reading or by using Google Maps to work out each walk's mileage, and your official progress tracker is inside the January or February edition of Country Walking (it's free to download if you have either issue too.) Your progress tracker will also qualify you for entry to win competitions with prizes from our partners through 2017. (Here's where you can get Country Walking, which contains your progress tracker inside the back page, and key to download a copy). You can always check how your daily target average changes with your total miles using the mileage calculator on the challenge homepage.

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4. You celebrate

We celebrate every milestone in the group, in e-newsletters and in Country Walking magazine, and badges, certificates and triumphant merchandise will all be available in due course – starting with 1000 free badges with the issue of Country Walking out 2 February! Find out when new issues come out here

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5. you feel great!

Over 90% of participants say they feel a greater sense of self-esteem through walking regularly, two-thirds report greater body confidence and science is almost daily discovering ways in which walking about an hour a day fixes pretty much everything.

6. more questions?