Rab Firewall (2016)


The Rab Firewall is made with 3-layer Pertex Shield +, which has some stretch in it, and this material provides excellent waterproofness and breathability. You also get three huge chest pockets that you can access easily while wearing a rucksack, plus there’s a hood with a wired peak. Finally you get a pair of vents down the length of the arms for cooling off. All that for 507g is excellent on paper. 5/5


Available in men’s sizes S-XXL and women’s sizes 8-16, this jacket fits very well. It isn’t the longest option but it’s longer than average, meaning it covers well below the waist. The hood fits superbly and moves very easily with the head, while the wired peak allows easy vision. There is absolutely zero movement in the hem or cuffs when stretching up. 5/5


The Rab Firewall offers top-end breathability, and the 3-layer fabric manages condensation well. It’s quite a thin material, but it doesn’t crumple too much in a breeze. The pockets aren’t mesh, so they won’t leak easily; and there is a double flap behind that front zip to block out wind. I’m a bit concerned the sleeve zips will leak over time, but it’s a case of innocent till proven guilty. 5/5

In use

I love this jacket as you just throw it on, grab your pack and go. The pockets easily take maps or gloves if you need to stash them away. The hood is outstandingly good so you can forget about it. I don’t think it needs those sleeve vents, however, and I don’t use them. You can get lighter jackets; and heavier materials may be more durable. 5/5


Yes, it’s 200 quid; but as it’s so much better than anything costing less, this price is better than you might expect to pay. 3/5


Great waterproofness, great breathability, great hood, etc. The Rab Firewall is very hard to beat at this price unless you want a lighter jacket. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2016