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Free climbing The Eiger... and falling off!

rating is 4

LFTO Features Team, 27 October 2009 15:34

Dean Potter - one of the world's top climbers - shows that falling from a sheer rock face doesn't necessarily mean the end. His lightweight parachute means he can attempt...

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New Video: Watch Leo Houlding climb Mount Huashan!

rating is 3.5

LFTO Features Team, 12 August 2009 15:55

This is Berghaus' latest video of star climber Leo Houlding, with fellow climbers Carlos Suarez and Zhiming Wang, attempting the 600m rock face of Mount Huashan, in China. On their...

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Homemade Mountain Movie Winner's Everest Base Camp Video!

rating is 4

LFTO Features Team, 13 May 2009 08:21

Last year's winner of Trail and LFTO's HMMA was James Hughes. He scooped a commission to Everest Base Camp with The Adventure Company after sending us his film 40 Years...

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Exclusive: Lipstick Blondes' Cho Oyu movie preview...

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LFTO Features Team, 14 November 2008 15:32

Six weeks ago two lipstick blond mountaineers became the first people and the only ladies to summit Cho Oyu, in the Himalayas, this autumn. And now they are giving us...

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Mountain Rescue: why it needs your help

rating is 4.5

LFTO Features Team, 03 November 2008 11:32

2008 marks the 75th anniversary of Mountain Rescue – and there hasn’t been a more crucial time to support the people who give up their time and risk their safety...


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