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Reinhold Messner - the extra photos

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Simon Ingram, 01 September 2012 00:00

The October 2012 issue of Trail magazine features the second part of the Mountain Legends series. Editor Simon Ingram travelled to Italy to speak to the incredible Reinhold Messner. You...

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Exclusive Interviews - How Britain Invented Mountaineering

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Simon Ingram, 09 October 2009 15:08

November’s Trail Magazine features a special 30 page feature celebrating 200 years of British mountaineering. The new issue is in the shop now, but to accompany this special issue, exclusively...

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Simon Ingram's Kili kit list

rating is 5

Simon Ingram, 02 April 2009 13:33

Hi all – Following some requests from LFTOers keen to see my kit list from Kilimanjaro, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and done one! I climbed the mountain by...

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10 things camping brings

rating is 4.5

Simon Ingram, 11 April 2008 09:00

1 Enforced intimacy “Crikey, small isn’t it? And it’s definitely a two-man? Really? Wow. Looked bigger than that in the photo. So both of us are going to have to…right,...


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