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Slieve Meelmore

Address: Northern Ireland
Phone number:
Height(m) 704
Height(ft) 2310
Our Rating Rating is 2 out of 5
Location Mourne Mountains, Down
Grid Reference J306287
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Ranked 5 of 7 hills in Mourne Mountains, Down

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rating is 4

LFTO Review

One of the towers of the Mourne wall lies atop this not especially exciting summit.

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  • Slieve Meelmore

    stevie mac

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    User's Overall Rating rating is 3.5

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    Wow factorrating is 4
    Route varietyrating is 3
    Viewsrating is 4

    Surprisingly flat at the top. Great views at top especially of Slieve Bernagh. Great!...

    (Written by: stevie mac)

    29 December 2007 15:15