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Sgurr Alasdair

Address: Scotland
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Height(m) 992
Height(ft) 3255
Our Rating Rating is 5 out of 5
Location Skye
Grid Reference NG450207
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Hill Classification Munro, Trail 100

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Ranked 1 of 2 hills in Skye

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LFTO Review

Skye’s highest mountain – and centrepiece of the Black Cuillin, Britain’s most committing mountaineering traverse – is a spire of volcanic rock that looks impenetrable from every angle. While certainly no afternoon stroll, the way up isn’t as daunting as it first appears, via a sneaky mid-grade scramble that lands you on top of this most exceptional of Scottish islands.

Best route: the scrambler’s way up is via the Great Stone Shoot between Sgurr Alasdair and Sgurr Thearlaich. It’s a scramble-heavy walk, and starts at Glenbrittle House (NG411214)



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  • Sgurr Alasdair : Scree heaven!


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    User's Overall Rating rating is 4.5

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    Wow factorrating is 5
    Route varietyrating is 4
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    Fancy a gourmet meal of scrambling delights ? Sgurr Alasdair delivers the perfect tasting menu, making it one of the best day’s scrambling in the Highlands! For starters there is a beautiful loch nestled within a classic corrie, the main course is a scree slope to die for and pudding comes in the form of fantastic views covering the entire Cuillin ridge to the North – with an awesome vista of Scottish Islands to the South. For the full story : click the link - http://highlandscrambler.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/sgurr-alasdair-scree-heaven/

    (Written by: petercrwilliams)

    31 October 2012 17:37