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Beinn Ghlas

Address: Scotland
Phone number:
Height(m) 1103
Height(ft) 3619
Our Rating Rating is 3 out of 5
Location Southern Highlands
Grid Reference NN625404
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Hill Classification Munro

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Ranked 7 of 14 hills in Southern Highlands

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rating is 3.5

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rating is 4.5

LFTO Review

A good ridge walk leading towards Ben Lawers

User's Reviews

  • Good first Munro


    reward badge

    Glasgow, UK

    User's Overall Rating rating is 3

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    Wow factorrating is 3
    Route varietyrating is 2
    Viewsrating is 4

    Dunno if it's cos it was my first, but I've used it to introduce other newbies too. There's a good and obvious path all the way, no dangerous bits and the views are great and gives good example of what hillwalking in Scotland has on offer. Then again, once you've been to other places the hill isn't such a big deal anymore... Tip; once you've continued to Ben Lawers, descend via the trail leading at the back and along the hills for some easier walking and change of view. If it's cloudy on the summits it may actually provide you with some view at all...

    (Written by: Carina)

    20 January 2008 22:33

  • My Fist Scottish Mountain

    Will Woodvine

    reward badge

    Newport, UK

    User's Overall Rating rating is 4

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    Wow factorrating is 4
    Route varietyrating is 3
    Viewsrating is 5

    Beinn Ghlas is very easy to get to, and very obvious from the visitors center, which lops a good chunk off the mountain height. The path is easy to follow, and is an excellent ridge walk, on the way to Ben Lawers.

    (Written by: Fwapp)

    15 December 2007 20:39