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Bidean a' Choire Sheasgaich

Address: Scotland
Phone number:
Height(m) 945
Height(ft) 3100
Our Rating Rating is 5 out of 5
Location Central Highlands
Grid Reference NH049412
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Hill Classification Munro

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Ranked 9 of 19 hills in Central Highlands

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LFTO Review

Two days (with a bike?) for this stunning two-mountain expedition

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  • Struggling up the Cheesecake!


    Cramlington, UK

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    Wow factorrating is 4
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    This is an excellent mountain, well worth the enormous effort required to access it whatever your route or mode of transport ( cycles make a great difference). However be warned the ascent from the bealch in between Cheesecake & Beinn Tharsuinn will present you with difficulties greater than those indicated in the SMC Munro book. Basically the footpath route takes you up two near vertical gullies approx 20/25 ft high. These are now eroded and loose. They the sort of places where somebody stood at the top saying 'yes this is the route its OK', will give you the confidence to be up in a jiffy. However if you are alone (as I was) or dont like scrambles you may find this route intimidating. After climbing the first chimney, I avoided the second because I wasn't sure I was still on the route. So I contoured round to the right and after a few hundred yards I found an easier angled grassy rake leading up through the crag. I met several groups on the summit of Cheesecake & nearby Lug Mhor & the unexpected difficulties on this climb seemed to have given everyone a surprise. Indeed several parties were intending to return to the Bealch Bearnais via the glen to avoid downscrambling the gullies. Dont let this put you off its a great day, but prepare with this knowledge, after all you dont want to go all that way and then not be able to complete the walk!!

    (Written by: steveba)

    19 September 2009 14:47