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Ben Vane

Address: Scotland
Phone number:
Height(m) 915
Height(ft) 3002
Our Rating Rating is 4 out of 5
Location Central Highlands
Grid Reference NN277098
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Hill Classification Munro

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Ranked 1 of 19 hills in Central Highlands

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rating is 4

LFTO Review

Isolated steep rocky peak

User's Reviews

  • Beyond Ben Vane

    michael tunney

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    DUMBARTON, UK_Scotland

    User's Overall Rating rating is 4.5

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    Wow factorrating is 4
    Route varietyrating is 5
    Viewsrating is 5

    Further to last post, for an long but excellent day out, once at the summit of Ben Vane, continue in a horseshoe and bag Beinn Ime and Beinn Narnain. You can also add The Cobbler as well. Descend notrthern slopes of Narnain to footapth in glen and return to starting point. Took me 8nearly 7 hours. Park at Inveruglas Tourist Shop where there are toilets and a cafe.

    (Written by: bio-man)

    18 April 2008 05:20

  • The Real Ben Vane


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    PORT GLASGOW, UK_Scotland

    User's Overall Rating rating is 3

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    Wow factorrating is 4
    Route varietyrating is 2
    Viewsrating is 4

    How did Ben Vane get itself moved to the Central Highlands - and get a makeover so that it looks like this? The real Ben Vane is relentlessly steep but all consuming in its challenges.

    (Written by: Gillie)

    28 March 2008 20:33

  • Steep but full of perfect resting spots


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    Glasgow, UK

    User's Overall Rating rating is 4

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    Wow factorrating is 4
    Route varietyrating is 4
    Viewsrating is 4

    Where on earth did they get that pic of Ben Vane?! That's not what it looks like, trust me. From a distance it looks like a bumpy but not too strenious little rock, once up the muddy slope to the one flat terrace before the hill 'really' starts you see it. The wall. And that's how it is for the rest of the way, steeply upwards. From time to time there's easy scramble, with a longer section before the actual summit, but most of the way it's a MORE or less eroded path zigzaging its way up. Don't fret though, the hill is scattered with natural sit spots and the view over Loch Lomond, Loch Katerine and further up the Arrochars and the vast open north will have you want to rest a lot. As if the steep walk wasn't enough, I mean. It's a lovely walk though. You gain height pretty quick and the combination of easy path, tricky path and easy scramble will keep both your attention and interest. And the views.... If you like the combination of water and hills in your pictures - make sure you've got plenty of room on your memory card!

    (Written by: Carina)

    09 March 2008 18:18