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Kirk Fell

Address: England
Phone number:
Height(m) 802
Height(ft) 2631
Our Rating Rating is 1 out of 5
Location Lake District: Eastern Fells
National Park Lake District
Grid Reference NY195105
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Hill Classification Wainwright

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Ranked 6 of 13 hills in Lake District: Eastern Fells

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LFTO Review

Wainwright: "Plain and unattractive... a vast wall of bracken and grass”

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  • killer kirk

    Simon Lowe

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    heading for the alps? this is the training hill for you. the path up kirk fell's southern slope from wasdale is relentless as it is unforgiving. a mate of mine used it to train for mont blanc. zig zags - hah! As well as calling it 'unattractive' AW also suggested that the only views on this ascent were to be had upside down, between your own legs! 2 other possible routes are available to you: a twiddly scramble up from black sail pass, or a stiff but short slog from Beck Head col between this Fell and Great Gable. One for completists and masochists only. Best route for mountain machines: southern approach from Wasdale Best route for mere mortals: as an extension to an ascent of Great Gable via Beck Head

    (Written by: simonlo)

    17 December 2007 20:59