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Blizzard Survival Bag (2013)


The Blizzard Survival Bag arrives vacuum-packed into a square the size of a thick sandwich; but don’t take it out expecting to get it back to that size again,’cos it ain’t gonna happen. For this reason, you’re far cleverer leaving it packed up until you actually need to use it, which is hopefully never. As this suggests, the Blizzard Survival ...

  • rating rating is 5
  • Owners' rating rating is 0
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Vango Adventure Tarp (2013)


The Adventure Tarp is designed to be used as an additional porch for a Vango tent or as a standalone tarp-style shelter. It comes with guy lines, pegs and a very robust pole as well as an elasticated edge to provide a closer fit to a curved tent. When used as a more traditional tarp it can’t be set up ...

  • rating rating is 0
  • Owners' rating rating is 0
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Alpkit Rig 7 2011


Alpkit is an internet-only retailer based in the UK, and its ever-expanding range of technical kit now includes tents and tarps. The Rig 7 is a little different from the usual and expands on the basic tarp shape to allow almost infinite pitching options. DesignThe Alpkit Rig 7 is a large rectangle in the classic tarp vein with a few ...

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Eurohike Backpacker II


This two-person tent from Eurohike pitches easily (outer-first) and is a good size for two with a nice-sized porch at the front. Reasonably compact and doesn’t weigh much, either. Definitely one for good-weather trips, or purely to see if backpacking’s for you before buying something more expensive.

  • rating rating is 3
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5


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