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SteriPEN Traveler 2011


Like its bigger brothers, the SteriPEN Traveler operates on the principle that ultra-violet (UV) light can damage microbes’ DNA and stop viruses, bacteria and parasites reproducing. The Traveler is the smaller of the SteriPEN devices, weighing in at just 96g, including batteries. It’s very small and fits neatly in the hand. Indeed its sleek design wouldn’t look out of place ...

  • rating rating is 4
  • Owners' rating rating is 5
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MSR Sweetwater


This water purifier comes with an extensive suite of parts, and it is these that nudged it into first place in our test. The details of the kit mean you get a pre-filter and float. But you also get an adapter that allows you to attach the outflow pipe to various water bottles. The pump itself works very effectively with ...

  • rating rating is 5
  • Owners' rating rating is 5


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