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Ajungilak D-Lux Pump Mat


A mat with extra insulation to cope with winter days or for those who feel the cold more easily in summer. The D-Lux Pump Mat is also thicker than a standard mat and comes with a pump action and pillow profile for fast inflation and comfort. DesignThe D-Lux Pump Mat has a thin layer of MTI synthetic insulation inside, and ...

  • rating rating is 0
  • Owners' rating rating is 3
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Premac Travel Well Trekker


This 180g water purifier is extremely compact, being smaller than a water bottle. The filter will remove viruses too without the addition of extra tablets of iodine, making it ideal if you’re drinking from a source where waterborne bugs are likely to be a problem. You get a very simple design with a pre-filter on the inflow pipe and an ...

  • rating rating is 3
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5
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Pure Hydration Aquapure Traveller Bottle


This is a low-priced, lightweight and incredibly simple option. It is basically a standard water bottle with a purifier built into the cap, which can be replaced with a new filter after its 350 litre capacity has been reached. The water is collected in the bottle, left for 15 minutes and then squeezed through the 2 micron filter and iodine ...

  • rating rating is 3
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5


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