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Premac Travel Well Pocket


This water purifier weighs just 60g; exceptionally compact; removes viruses without additional iodine. But 0.2 litre per minute flow rate is very slow; only 60 litre capacity then have to buy complete new unit (£22); strong iodine taste after use; input pipe tends to float too easily on surface of water; can’t screw to water bottle.

  • rating rating is 2
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5
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MSR Pocket Rocket


This stove weighs 86g (+ gas); boil time 2 min 46 sec to 5 min; 11cm diameter pan supports; folding pan supports for compact packing; superb price for performance. But not as stable as lower-profile stoves; best boil time is only available with fresh gas canister; 32mm diameter burner can create hot spots; not as compact as newer designs.

  • rating rating is 3
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5
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Markill Peak Ignition


This camping stove is very light thanks to titanium components; packs very small; good flame control;  piezo ignition. Flares a little with brand new canister, but settles down. Boil time: 3min 7sec Weight: 92g

  • rating rating is 2
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5


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