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First test: Nigor PioPio Solo (2015)


Weight is one of the most important factors when choosing a tent for backpacking, but a shelter also needs good space inside along with adequate protection from the elements. The Nigor PioPio Solo promises all this, and at 989g it certainly won’t weigh you down – but is it worth the £300 price tag? Nigor is a brand from the ...

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Vango Helix 100 (2014)


Tents are getting lighter, but the lightest often carry a whopping price tag. However some brands are making lightweight tents that are far more affordable – and the Helix 100 is the lightest and lowest-priced model in Vango’s new range. At £100 for a one-person tent weighing just 1573g, the Helix 100 should strongly appeal to weekend backpackers. But if ...

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First test: Coleman Caucasus 2 (2014)


As the price of super-lightweight backpacking tents continues to rise beyond the budgets of many people, the ability of lower-priced tent manufacturers to come up with well-designed products is coming under the spotlight. Coleman has released a range of backpacking tents with prices from £130 to £200, which is around half the cash being demanded by the superlight manufacturers. But ...

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