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Satmap Active 10


If you like design you’ll love this GPS receiver. Even the box oozes quality, with a clever retractable housing that instantly sets a new standard of packaging. Grab the Active 10, insert the supplied batteries and in minutes the screen illuminates with an impressive colour map with your location clearly marked. I dabbled with the six buttons and toggle before ...

  • rating rating is 5
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5
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Mio A701 Smart Phone


This cross between a mobile phone and PDA from Mio has a built-in GPS antenna to boot. Like the MIO P350, when loaded with digital mapping software it can be used as a walking GPS that also shows full detail OS mapping. If you’re going to take your phone on a walk, why not use it as a GPS too? ...

  • rating rating is 3
  • Owners' rating rating is 3
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Garmin Colorado 300 GPS (2008)


When it comes to navigating, I’ve always steered clear of GPS. They present two fundamental problems: instructions (which I can’t be bothered to read) and batteries (which I don’t want to buy or carry). Then they have a habit of losing contact with satellites when you need them most. And, let’s face it, the outdoors is the very place to ...

  • rating rating is 4
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5


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