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Jetboil Flash (2013)


Jetboil stoves come in a range of versions and the Flash comes in a range of colours, including the Camo option pictured. The gas burner is supplied with a dedicated pot that takes 0.5 litre of water and is fitted with a set of heat exchanger fins on the base. The pot is also very tall, so all the heat ...

  • rating rating is 4
  • Owners' rating rating is 0
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Jetboil Personal Cooking System


The JetBoil has rapidly become a modern classic, thanks to its superb performance, which marked a change in stove efficiency and signalled a new direction for stoves, where the pot is now as important as the burner. Under the pot there’s a set of heat exchangers while the size of the pot is ideal for the burner and the result ...

  • rating rating is 4
  • Owners' rating rating is 3.5
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Jetboil Jetboil


The Jetboil has to be one of the most efficient camping stoves in the world, and in our test it burned for an astonishing 5 hours 40 seconds, far surpassing more traditional stoves on the ‘boils per canister’ ratio. The whole thing packs down inside the mug-shaped pan too; so, although it looks quite big, the size is deceptive. And ...

  • rating rating is 5
  • Owners' rating rating is 4.5


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