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May 07

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What's your favourite waterfall walk?

Hi all. New feature coming up in CW where we want 'real' people (as opposed to us wafflers) to tell us about their favourite places in a 'Top 10' stylee.

We'll kick off with waterfall walks – what's your favourite waterfall walk and why? Doesn't need to be an essay – anything up to 150 words will do beautifully – and there's a fabulous Sprayway waterproof jacket in it for the most entertaining/informative/"wish-I-could-go-there-now" sort of answer.

Could be a magic moment you enjoyed there, a description of it which really takes us there – basically tell us why it's special to you.

Over to you…



Nov 06

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DaveHarris says:

RE: What's your favourite waterfall walk?

For an awee inspiring walk i did with my son last September in the Lakes. Starting the walk from Buttermere, we walked over high Snockrigg and onto Moss Force carefully going down beside it. Now i've seen this in the 'normal' flow of water, but after a large bout of rain this was in full force and quite spectacular as it tumbled down, hitting rocks and falling more. I sat there with my son and we we got the flask out and were mezmorized by the amount of water tumbling down the rocks. I found it quite breathtaking.


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Jan 12

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UKJeeper says:

RE: What's your favourite waterfall walk?

 Has to be Sturdevant Falls. Hidden in the hills behind Los Angeles, but seemingly a 1000 miles from the city. It was the last walk i took with my Sons as they have now grown up & moved on. Spent the day hiking in, past the 1920's cabins (available for rent!), and through the canyons to a small but gorgeous waterfall, with a clear clean pool below it. Stopped there and talked, then returned back out via the tops of the canyons.

A good day out.

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Sep 07

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Taffy_Tours says:

RE: What's your favourite waterfall walk?

Fave waterfall walk  is in Ystrafellte I go for a gentle 7 or 8 miles wander and hit as many waterfalls as I ccan find but I always try to get to Sgwd yr Eira and take a shower behind the falls.

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