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Jul 11

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oogway says:

Boots for desert-based archaeology


I have been searching the net for a pair of boots that I can use when I go to Turkmenistan in a few months' time. The area is very dry and rainfall-free, and with temperatures of c.40-50 celsius daily, I can live without Gore-tex too.

Ideally I need to avoid heavy treads as it can mess-up the excavation area and a protective toecap is useful I surmise. I was previously considering the Jannu II GTX / it's suede partner, the Dhaulagiri II GTX, but was discouraged by the crop of bad reviews I found after some searching around.

This'll be my first time outside the UK and on an expedition, so I'm keen to get something decent that suits the terrain and lets me make the most of this opportunity. The ground will be largely uneven and hard, though not stone-type hard, as there isn't any of that abour :p Unfortunately, in my (albeit recent) experience, the web yields advice mostly targeted towards extreme terrains with wet or snowy climates - so if anyone can help me out and send me in the right direction - many thanks <>

My ceiling is c. £150, but would ideally like to go below £100 if at all possible.

I'm also looking at snake-proof gaiters, the Craighoppers nosilfe sherman gilet, and a bunch of cotton long sleeve t-shirts for everyday use.

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Jul 08

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twiglegs says:

Re: Boots for desert-based archaeology

Sounds like a good ole pair of 10 hole Doc Martins would suffice to me.


Btw, what archaeology are you expecting to find. ?

what kind of site is it. ?

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