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Jun 11

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komal1290 says:

insect and midge repellent

Hi all, I have recently discovered a fantastic insect repellent product, vie patch. The Vie Insect Repellent Patch is a godsend to midge-bitten hillwalkers and mosquito-plagued tourists. This ingenious transdermal patch delivers Thiamine, a natural ingredient, straight into the bloodstream. Because insects are averse to all things Thiamine-related, when the substance excretes naturally through the body’s sweat pores, the insects buzz off in search of someone else to bother. Providing 36 hours’ protection against midges, mosquitoes and other dreaded pests, the Vie Insect Repellent Patch is so discrete, you won’t even know you’re wearing it. The insects will certainly know however, which is why they’ll grant you such a wide berth. I highly recommend this patch to anyone and everyone, you can find re information on



Aug 10

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SiGregory says:

Re: insect and midge repellent

I don't fancy the idea of chemicals in my bloodstream.

I used Smidge when I was up at Fort Bill - worked ok. Tedious walking blog updated sporadically :)


Jul 11

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oogway says:

Re: insect and midge repellent

 Goes onto my shopping list. Thanks

Screaming Tree


Mar 08

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Re: insect and midge repellent

Just had some midge delivered today, Skye in a couple of weeks, we'll see if it lives up to the old school Skin So Soft



Jul 08

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twiglegs says:

Re: insect and midge repellent

Komal and oogway are the same spamwhore selling the same product, do not listen to a word they say, unless you care about boosting their bank account in return for a useless product at an over inflated price.

It's "active" ingredient is vitamin "B1", something you can get from poundland for the princely sum of...........well, i'll let you work that out. 


I'm available to answer this any day you choose in any court you choose.


Now kindly feck off.

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"Technically, Everest was quite easy, in comparison with something like Grindslow knoll, for example". - Sir Edmund Percival Hillary


Aug 10

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hillhiker1 says:

Re: insect and midge repellent

I find that once I'm slathered up in sun cream (Factor 30) Nowt bites me. They land, they wander about but they don't bite. Proved to be proof against Horse fly, midges and flying ants today in the Lakes. Only one application too, which leads me on to another point - Suncream manufacturers recommend re-applying at intervals all day. I find 1 application on setting out works fine all day. Anyone one else noticed this?


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