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Oct 07

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craigdyson1 says:

Smartwool clothing

Yo guys,

I have been looking for some new base layer stuff. So i looked at smart wool i have the socks and i have no complaints.

Could you tell me if there are any shops in the UK which have a comprehensive Smartwool collection. I have been on there website and i have seen what i want.

On the Smartwool website it only states that timberland UK has the trading license for Smartwool.


So if you could assist me in some way i would much appreciate it.



Nov 06

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john says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

I've found a few shops that have limited stock here and there, but it seems to be more available abroad (US and Canada). Unless you actually find a full stockist you might want to try buying on the web either from UK or abroad. Buying from US or Canada's usually cheaper than UK prices, even if you end up paying duty. Have a look at the following UK and N. American websites;



Mar 07

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sloboy says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

 Hi Craig,...Why don't you try the other makes that use merino wool, like IceBreaker, stocked by Cotswold, and Snow and Rock, I use their layers exclusively and can recommend them 100%

Have a look, they're brilliant!

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Nov 07

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snowman1 says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

I too use icebreaker merino wool.I use the 200 series and can very recommend them.



Dec 07

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Benjamin says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

Shame they're made in china now though.



Apr 08

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Re: Smartwool clothing

Yes Merino wool baselayers are great. Comfortable and far less stinky then man-made fibres. Try a shop called Mountain Factor in Ambleside. They do mail order and because they only sell a few different brands they work out quite cheaply.

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Oct 07

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GuyHurst says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

A couple of retailers have told me that Timberland are not good to deal with and so they (the shops) no longer sell Smartwool stuff. Even the few online UK retailers whuich do have Smartwool gear only seem to have a very limited range. All this is a pity, cos some of the Smartwool stuff is very good.



Jun 07

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Sleepless says:

Re: Smartwool clothing

its bloody expensive for a China mad product.  Free Tibet!!!!!

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May 10

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Re: Smartwool clothing

I recommend this site for smar wool bro.  Just click on the link

Got me some smart wool socks


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