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May 07

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rgr says:

Rash on ankles

For about a year now I have been getting a vivid red rash around the ankles where my boots do up.Worse in sweaty weather but still happens in winter when I cover more than say 5/6 miles. I wear Brasher 3 Season socks with a liner and have tried silk liners as a natural material. I have not changed my washing powder before anyone asks.Happens with my leather and fabric boots both of which I have had for some years. I do my boots up pretty tight to stop feet sliding forward on descents. The Doc gave me Hydrocortisone but it doesn't seem to do a lot. Anyone else had this problem ??



Dec 06

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Nickwolf says:

Re: Rash on ankles

Yes, I think most of us will have suffered from "sock rash" at some time. I normally find it doesn't irritate me too much and I try to just wear sandals (no socks obviously) and get some air to my ankles in the evening and it is more or less gone by the morning. I was told by someone that it is caused by a reaction to the wool in the sock but I do not know for sure. Have you noticed if it still occurs with a different make of sock from Brasher? I recently changed from Brasher to Bridgedale and can't say I have had any problems since - but I only had it intermittently before so that may be a red herring. I'm sure someone will have a good cure anyway. Nick.



Feb 07

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moggy says:

Re: Rash on ankles

I was told it is usually down to heat inside your boots, try getting a sock that allolows a bit of air in and out...something like x-socks also take your boots off at rest stops and let the air get to your feet. hope that helps. cheers Andy



Mar 07

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paddyirish says:

Re: Rash on ankles

rgr - some questions. Do you wear shorts or trousers while walking? I found that when I was wearing shorts and walking in dusty terrain, the dust, sweat and sun could combine to give me that sort of rash, just above the sock line. I haven't had it for several years, mainly because I wear trousers while walking and also because I don't seem to be walking in dry and dusty areas. Have you tried walking with gaiters? At the end of each day, a good rinse/wash and then drying carefully will also help.



Mar 07

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pete says:

Re: Rash on ankles

I used to get this problem then I started using either mid type boots or trail shoes,not for this reason,and used lighter socks.The problem dissapeared but not sure if it would have gone anyway.

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Jul 07

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rhasheldon says:

Re: Rash on ankles

I get the same rash, but it's worse when I wear gaiters. I have always worn Bridgedale socks and like others, the rash disappears within a couple of days. It's never sore or itchy but on one occasion after wearing gaiters on a wet but warm day the rash extended to the top of the gaiters and was very red. I did mention it once to my GP but he didn't seem to be interested especially when I told him it usually cleared up rapidly.



Nov 06

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BimblingJean says:

Re: Rash on ankles

This appears to be a perennial problem affecting large numbers of walkers - I've seen posts on it at various times on various forums. Apparently it is also sometimes known as Golfers rash as it affects the protagnists of a good walk spoiled also !! Recently whilst walking the SWCP 3 out of the 4 of us walking all experencied it and the rash was creeping up our legs perhaps exacerberated by also walking in shorts through long foliage as well. I myself think it is a form of heat rash so any measures that work for you in keeping your ankles cool should help the problem. Another solution is to apply a barrier cream to the affected area before booting up. Personally I found that this just made me sticky and red rashed but you could try it and see if it works for you. Apart from being slightly uncomfortable and unsightly there appear to be no serious long lasting problems from the complaint.

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