By pollyanna

11 December 2008 08:14

I suffer from poor circulation and get very painful hands and feet in cold weather despite decent socks and gloves. Any ideas? or do I have to keep my walking for days when the temperature is above freezing?


Country Walking magazine

By Country Walking magazine

Don’t give up on winter walks yet! Cosy up in mittens – they’re warmer than gloves as your fingers heat each other up, and a long cuff prevents wrist draughts. Wiggling your fingers keeps circulation moving, as does whirring your arms from the shoulder. And tuck your hands into your armpits to warm up. Still cold? Wrap hands round a hot cuppa or try Hi Gear Hot Gel Reusable Handwarmers, £5.48, from

The key to cosy feet is keeping them dry. Ensure your boots are in good nick and your socks are wool, which deals well with damp. Some folk swear by two pairs, but make sure they don’t restrict your circulation. And ask your doctor about Raynaud’s Phenomenon, a circulatory disorder which leads to cold hands and feet and is treatable with medication.    


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How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?


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sburt says

Re: How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?

 Hi pollyanna

I have similar  poblem, HAVS  white finger. I find if my hands go cold and numb, shaking the blood back down to them helps. As said above make sure you keep your core temperature up

06 February 2010 06:48


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ptc says

Re: How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?

I've had a great time with my hands this winter so far. I got "horseriding gloves", basically the same cheap Meraklon liners that you get but with a dot print on the palm for grip. The extra grip means I never take them off to adjust anything and my hands never get exposed.

The down mitts and socks I carry for camp weight nothing and save my day time and time again.

03 January 2010 01:55


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Taffy_Tours says

Re: How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?

Silk liner gloves and waterproof gloves (sealskins tech mountain gloves) work for me, I keep my lumbar region warm as well as a back up to stop blood being pulled back from the extremities.

28 December 2009 22:53


pollyanna says

Re: How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?

Thank you - all excellent suggestions.  Of course, this milder than normal winter (so far) hasn't yet been a problem but we might get a mild frost next week (from which you will gather that I live in the mild south!)

10 December 2009 22:11

Ian s

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Ian s says

Re: How do I keep my hands warm in the cold?

You could try using liner gloves and disposable rubber gloves, they trap a fair bit of warmth in the hands.

I usually carry a pair of light shell mitts which help with rapid re-warming for anyone in the group whose hands suffer. A good fitting backpack with a hip belt that takes some of the load helps maintain circulation in the arms. 

Feet? it's harder but some sort of vapour barrier usually works,such as plastic bags. Don't have your boots too tight as this reduces circulation.

Raynaud's sufferers sometimes use Nifedipene or Diamox to increase peripheral circulation. It might be worth talking to your GP.


03 March 2009 13:35

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