By thecub

08 April 2008 21:25

I've got wear and tear on my knees after years of abuse. I've bought some knee supports but after hours on the hills the backs of my knees are red raw. Can you recommend a better type of support?


Country Walking magazine

By Country Walking magazine

We contacted Chartered Physiotherapist Dean Payne of Optimum Sports Performance Centre for advice:

“This can be a real problem with what I guess you are using - a neoprene support - for any prolonged amount of time. Depending on what exactly is causing your knee pain then a number of options may be available, e.g. if the problem is with the kneecap then there are supports that look just like a strap that may ease the discomfort.
“However if stability/heat for the whole knee is needed then a support with the back cut away may be better. Another useful strategy is to try wearing tubigrip underneath the support, but make sure that this doesn't make the whole support too tight.
“Also make sure that the support is kept clean since sweat may irritate the skin. Ask a local physiotherapist to source a support if you are having difficulty locating a specific type.”, 01582 418952


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Can you recommend a good knee support?


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Steve_D says

Re: Can you recommend a good knee support?

I'd agree with drg andy (!)  get some exercises and build up your knees, find out if orthotics will help.  before doing a biggish trip or going skiing I have a series of exercises that strengthen my left knee.  If I don't do the exercises I can't come down the hills!  I can climb anything, 'just can't get back down.

If the problem is more serious then a reconstruction is required, a mate had this done (cruciate ligament?) and his knee is now as strong as ever.

Good Luck

Steve D

13 July 2008 22:24

drg andy

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drg andy says

Re: Can you recommend a good knee support?

I had surgery on a knee at 18. pain for years then I went to a great physio who identified muscular imabalance, a series of exercises and no problems for 15 years - he reckons that the best support is muscular - having looked after a number of Olympians he knows a thing or two!

13 July 2008 11:11


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BikerFool says

Re: Can you recommend a good knee support?

I'd recommend asking a sports physio who will recommend a suitable support, both for your injuries and your potential activities.

23 June 2008 22:17


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robbo says

Re: Can you recommend a good knee support?

I bought one from Boot’s, not cheap at £25 a go, but it does come with Velcro fasteners, which means it fully adjustable. I have found mine to be quite comfortable whilst out walking, baggy trousers are essential though.

21 June 2008 22:00

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