By virtualjacki

17 April 2008 20:32

I have been given a pair of Salewa articulated crampons in great condition-however the straps are stiff and I would like to replace them. Can I get new straps and if so, where?


Trail magazine

By Trail magazine

Crampon straps can be replaced at a cost of £15-£20 but you'll either need to know what precise model of crampon you've got, or take it to a high-quality gear shop for them to assess the most appropriate strap fitting. Unfortunately you can't simply go to Salewa in the UK for this service as they don't have a UK distributor able to offer a full service. Needle Sports in Keswick (017687 72227), Joe Brown in Capel Curig (01690 720205) and Pegler's in Arundel (01903 884684) are examples of the kinds of gear shops to contact. To find a trusted gear shop in your specific area, this forum has plenty of recommendations.


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Can you get replacement crampon straps for Salewa crampons?


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Andy Say

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Andy Say says

Re: Can you get replacement crampon straps for Salewa crampons?

Not sure if they've got a UK distributor.  Needle Sports in Keswick are stockists as far as I know - you could try them.

Probably depends on the model but a lot of the Salewa crampon straps that I've seen could be replaced with appropriate Grivel straps etc.

12 June 2008 14:47

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